Thursday, 23 February 2017

Chi Chi London Prettiness...


Chi Chi London have the most beautiful, unique, feminine & pretty dresses that I have ever seen. They are also completely affordable! If you’re looking for a perfect dress for either a night out, or a special occasion then they will most definitely have it!

I notice a lot of brides do choose these dresses for their bridesmaid and they look absolutely stunning! The typical bridesmaid dress is long & simple but one of these Chi Chi dresses would look so gorgeous, it would really stand out and the bridesmaid would definitely get another wear out of one of these dresses!

I love how princess like Chi Chi dresses are and they are so comfortable to wear!  I’m wearing the Chi Chi Izi dress here with  Chi Chi Helina heels, because this dress is so detailed I wanted to style it very simply. This dress is from their new Romance collection!

This is most definitely the prettiest dress in my wardrobe, so when I was doing the pictures for this post I wanted to find a surrounding that was just as pretty as this dress! I decided to go to Notting Hill as this is one of my favorite places to visit in London and I think it was the perfect place for these pictures!

Make sure to check out Chi Chi London girls if you haven’t already I can’t recommend them enough they are such a fabulous company with such beautiful clothing! 

I’m also wearing Cocoa Brown tan here girls! This is my number one tan I absolutely adore it and it’s so easy to apply! This is the only tan I ever use so I would highly recommend it!

I have left the links below for you girls!
Drop Some Sparkle,
Jade xx 

Cocoa Brown tan: (link)->

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A New Chapter...

I can’t believe its February already where did that month of January go..?! Ok so here is a little update of what I’m at if any of you are wondering!

My boyfriend moved to England for work two and a half years ago and after being together for almost 5 years at that stage it was so tough on us both travelling over and back to see each other most weekends! We were used to being stuck in each other’s pockets and then from that to only seeing each other on weekends or sometimes only once a month it was a massive change! We would be on the phone to each other about twenty times a day but still it wasn’t the same not being able to see each other every day!

I was studying Image consultancy & Fashion Styling  in Dublin and it kept me busy as well as working and running my blog!
Last year was a tough year for my family as we moved out of our home house. It was the only home I ever had and moving out completely took me out of my comfort zone of living in luxury and comfort to moving into a small house that was nothing like our home house! Moving houses is honestly so stressful but hopefully it will get easier with time. My dad retired so he wanted to down size which was completely understandable but just upsetting for myself and my sisters as all our memories of growing up were there in that house!

Before the Christmas I hadn’t fully settled in the new house yet and I was missing my boyfriend more and more so I finally decided I wanted to move over to England to be with him even though this time last year I wouldn’t have even considered it! I set a date and said I was moving over even though I was so nervous about the move. Moving away from my family I didn’t like the thought of that!

Now that I'm in England I honestly really like it! We are  living about thirty minutes from London in a nice area. I am working in Outfit Fashion Uk as a team leader in management which I’m thoroughly enjoying! It’s amazing to finally be working in the area that I Love and working in fashion has always being a dream of mine so this dream has come through! 

Its so nice to be finally with Ronan everyday and not having to be in a airport nearly every weekend even tough I cant wait to get a weekend off to go home and visit my family soon!

For any of you that are debating on whether or not to move somewhere! You can do it! I’m honestly such a home bird! But from living over here for the past few weeks I’m really enjoying it so far! It’s so important to take yourself out of your comfort zones sometimes and just try new things!
I understand i'm not here that long yet so I need another few months to see if I like it or not but so far I'm very happy!

Drop Some Sparkle,

Jade xx