Monday, 16 October 2017

Joanie Clothing...

Hi everyone!

I haven't put up a blog post in a while as I have being so busy over here in England. I'm almost here a year now which is crazy! where did that time go..? 

I was in London yesterday and went to one of the prettiest houses for some pictures! Joanie Clothing sent me this dress a few weeks ago and I have falling in love with the vintage vibes of it!
How pretty is it! I'll link it below for you girls! Its also available in different colours.

I styled this with block heels that I picked up in Newlook when I was in Ireland last weekend!

Hope you all had the best weekend!
Jade xx

Ps. This house is in Trevor Square in Knightsbridge if any of you want to see it!

Ruffle Dress:

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Whats in my wardrobe...

Since I have moved to the Uk I have being trying to get more than one wear out of pieces in my wardrobe! I have got more interested in purchasing staple pieces that I no I can wear over and over again.
This outfit below has being worn on a number of occasions. I just change it up a little every time I wear it!  I have wore this glittery embellished Topshop Lace & Beads top more than ten times already! I wear it for everyday wear, dressy wear and I have also worn it to work on a number of occasions! This top was £55 when I bought it at the start of the summer but I have definitely got my moneys worth and its still in perfect condition so I will continue to wear it!
I love this top so much that I bought another Lace & Beads embellished one in pale blue a few weeks ago! 

My favorite piece currently in my wardrobe in this Zara coat I have it on above too! I think this was £69 when I bought it a few months ago! Its still in some Zara stores but is on sale for £40 now! 

My boyfriend treated me to a Ted Baker neck scarf that I had being eyeing up for weeks to match this coat. As this is my everyday coat and the neck scarf matches it so beautifully and makes the whole outfit look feminine girly and pretty which I love. I think the coat and the scarf really complement each other.

These shorts are the same as the ones I have above only these are white! I wore the pink ones so many times that I just had to get these Zara white ones too! These are £29.99.
As much as I love the pink ones I thought the white would be so lovely with my blue embellished Lace and beads top. I will leave a picture of this top below its so gorgeous!

I bought this dress below in Zara also on sale for only £16! I adore all the clothes in with frills and flute sleeves they are the prettiest!

I styled this dress with my fav Aldo shoes which are in the above picture also! I have literally worn these shoes so so much and I was thinking of buying the same pair again because I love them so much! These were £62 when I bought them but are in the sale now.
I nearly have these on every outfit picture on Instagram which is a little embarrassing but I just never get sick of them they are truly the perfect everyday shoes! They have a small block heel which I'm so delighted block heels are all back in again because they are so comfortable and can be worn daily or on a night out!

Trousers are in trend this year and I love love love all the frilly details on them! I have worn these ones below on a number of occasions the white ones are from Riverisland and the pink are from Zara.
I find these white ones great for day time wear and I do either style they with my glittery Kate Spade runners, my Aldo block heels that are above or my Miss KG shoes that I will leave below!

I bought these Miss KG block heels in the airport for an amazing £19. These are usually over £70 so I found an absolute bargain! The heels on these are block and they are perfect for day wear as the heel isn't overly high. I'm still on the hunt to find these in white to hopefully i'll find them!

I have some of my recent Ted Baker purchases below also. Ted Baker has the most feminine, girly and beautiful pieces in their collection! I think having a few staple pieces in your wardrobe is a lot better than constantly adding to your wardrobe! 
We all love shopping but I much prefer having pieces that I no i will get loads of wear out of and pieces that I feel good in!

The only handbags I have being using for the last two- three years are these Kate Spade ones! The pink one has being used so much and the condition is still so perfect! I think you should get a good quality handbag as It will make what your wearing look better then also! I also wear these Kate Spade glittery shoes loads! They are properly a little childish but I love them! I do want to invest in a white handbag soon to match more things in my wardrobe so I'm thinking of getting a Ted Baker one!

I wanted a Olivia Burton watch for the longest time and my boyfriend bought me one in April for my birthday! This watch hasn't come of me since I got it! I love how shabby chic and girly it is and I love the rose gold rem on the outside.

 I also wear my Key rose gold chain everyday and it matches the match perfectly! This was the most amazing gift ever from my sister! We moved out of my home house of 25 years last year and it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do! My sister got myself and my other sister a replica key made from our front door of our home house only in a smaller version!
This is a piece i'll treasure forever and it looks pretty with all my outfits and of course it matches my watch also!

Hope you enjoyed my post!
Jade xx

Friday, 9 June 2017

Cinderella Vibes In Chi Chi London...

This dress by Chi Chi London has such Cinderella vibes! Seriously isn’t it just the prettiest?
Chi Chi have the most beautiful feminine, fairytake like dresses and you could never own enough of them!

The quality of these dresses are amazing and they are so affordable.
I would highly recommend Chi Chi London they are such a fabulous brand!

I also styled this dress with these gorgeous Chi Chi heels! 
I will link these products below for you girls!

Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Drop Some Sparkle,

Jade xx

Chi Chi Liberty dress:

Chi Chi Liberty heels:

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Prettiest Places to See in London...

Over the past few months in the Uk I decided to visit all of the prettiest places in London that I could find! There is so many pretty girly spots to see in London and if any of you are taking a trip here soon and want to know what are the prettiest places to visit I have my top five here for you!

I had so much fun working on this blog post over the last few months and a big thank you to my boyfriend for putting up with me taking some snaps and been dragged to everywhere pink!

 Number 1) Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen in my opinion is by far the prettiest most girly cake shop in London.  Every season that I have visited it they have a different display outside and inside and it always looks stunning!
 This is my favorite place to visit and it has the most delicious treats in it! 
This is the perfect spot for a girly day out or if you want to sit down and relax and enjoy some delicious cake and a cup of tea!

2)  Trevor Square Knightsbridge

This is the prettiest house and I couldn’t resist getting some pictures outside it! When I was researching pretty places this is definitely a very popular spot for bloggers! Who wouldn’t love a pink front door..? 

3)  Notting Hill

This street has the most gorgeous houses that you will ever see! This would be such a dreamy street to live on. All the houses are pastel colours and are absolute perfection! I couldn’t resist getting some snaps of these houses and sharing them with you guys!

4) 20 Bywater Street Chelsea  

I absolutely adore these houses! How cute are they? This was a very beautiful place in Chelsea and it seemed to be such a quite peaceful place to live.  This is by far one of the prettiest places to go and see in Chelsea.

4) The Ivy Chelsea Garden

This is a restaurant located on Kings Road London. I had seen pictures online of this and I had to go and see it! For valentines they had an amazing pink floral display outside so I just missed that display by a few weeks but this Easter display is also very pretty! 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the post!
Jade xx