Monday, 4 July 2016

Jones & Jones Margot Pink Tutu Dress...

How beautiful and princess like is this Jones & Jones Studio Margot Pink Tutu Dress..? I have this exact dress only in grey already that I wore to a Christmas wedding, so when I spotted it was available in pink I had to have it! I got loads of complements when I wore it before so I knew I had to have this one is well!

I adore the bottom of this dress it’s all tulle, puffy and princess like and looks great on. The top of this dress is lovely and fitted and has pretty sparkles all over it! This dress is perfect for a summer wedding or for a special occasion such as prom! Jones & Jones have the most beautiful, girly, unique and feminine collection of clothing that I have ever seen they are truly such a fabulous company!

I really felt like a princess wearing this dress I just LOVE everything about it and can’t wait to wear it again soon! Jones & Jones dresses are made to perfection, each and every one of them are gorgeous so whatever style you have you will be sure to find a dress to suit you!

I have a variety of Jones & Jones dresses and clothing in my wardrobe because I find them such a staple piece to have in your wardrobe! I get so much wear out of their dresses for both casual wear styled with tights and flats or else for dressy wear like I’m wearing it here!

Hope you all have a great week!

Drop Some Sparkle,
Jade xx

Jones & Jones Studio Margot Pink Tutu Dress:


  1. This is so pretty, the colour is so lovely :)

  2. Hello Beauty! I just find your blog and I think it's amazing! I love all yhe pink and girls things too:)

  3. This Pink Tutu dress looks fabulous on you. I just love pink color most, but I don’t have Tutu dress in my wardrobe. These days I am doing shopping for my wedding so I am thinking to buy this type of dress too. Well, I have bought my wedding dress, and booked DC wedding venues for my special day already.