Saturday, 25 April 2015


Happy Saturday lady’s!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather. So today I am staying casual and comfortable in this cute outfit. I absolutely love these high wasted skinny jeans from Topshop. These are the perfect jeans for spring and summer and you will get so much wear out of them for either casual or dressy wear. These jeans cost €50.00. I’m a massive lover of high wasted jeans they are so stylish and feel so comfortable on.  I styled these jeans with a cute pink lace top from AX Paris which costs €27.00.
I was in Penny’s yesterday and I came across this gorgeous little bag for only €11.00. (What a bargain!!) They also have a similar multi coloured one in and it’s gorgeous too.  This would be perfect for a summer wedding or even just for day time like I’m using it for today. I’m going to Paris next week (So excited!!) and I thought this would be the perfect little bag to walk around with because it’s the perfect size.
 I accessorized this outfit with this stunning statement chain from Belle&B. How gorgeous is this chain ladys? I absolutely adore statement chains and especially this one. Belle&B have stunning pieces available so make sure to check out there site. A chain like this can really change the look of a whole outfit and it will give an outfit a finishing touch. I love the Variety of different stones and diamonds in this piece and it has just the right amount of sparkle too. (You can never have too much sparkle!!)  This chain could be worn for a special occasion, for a night out on the town or even just worn casually like I’m wearing it today. I adore the pastel colours on it you can never go wrong with pastel shades for spring and summer.  If you have the plainest top or dress on and you add a chain like this to your look you will completely transform your whole look and it will make the outfit fabulous!! When I received this chain it was in such fabulous packaging, it would be such a perfect gift for someone.
Make sure to have a look at the Belle&B site girls they have lovely unique and unusual pieces for amazing and such reasonable prices. Also get 15% off all purchase with my code ‘SPARKLE’.

Drop some sparkle,
Jade xx

Belle&B statement chain:
Topshop jeans: €50.00
AX Paris top: €28.00
Pennys bag: €11.00

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Birthday Celebrations in Jones and Jones...

I honestly cannot get enough of Jones and Jones. If I could describe their collection in one word I would say its “Perfection”. How beautiful is this Mia white broderie dress? Isn’t it just fab!!… I adore the detail on this dress and the lace hem on the top and bottom of the dress is so elegant and beautiful. I love the puffy effect on the bottom of the dress as it makes it so cute, pretty and princess like.
This dress is £65.00 to purchase which is very reasonable because the quality is amazing. Whether you are going to a party, a special occasion or even if you’re just heading out for a night on the town a dress like this will save all that over thinking and allow you to look and feel fabulous. I know if I’m going out and I feel good in what I’m wearing I have such a better night. This dress is very flattering on your body and is very comfortable to wear.  There is a zip on the back of the dress making it very easy to put on and take off. 
Jones and Jones dresses are very unique, elegant and so lady like.
 Any time I wear a dress from Jones and Jones I always get a compliment, they have really stand out clothing and if you’re looking for something different and unique you will just lovvvveeee this shop like I do. My birthday was yesterday and this was the perfect occasion to wear this fabulous dress. I was so happy I had such an amazingggg dress to wear for it, I really felt like a princess in it. They are such a nice and friendly company and I couldn’t recommend them and their clothing anymore, they are truly a fabulous company all around.  Jones and Jones have also just launched a premium collection on their site so be sure to check it out lady’s its amazzzzzeeee !!! (So unusual and elegant)
This dress could be styled casually or dressy depending on the occasion. It would be perfect with a cute pair of flats or for dressy wear like I have styled it here with a pair of heels.( I just had to add a little pink in somewhere) This was the perfect birthday dress and I felt amazing wearing it!!
Have a lovely Saturday ladies...
Drop some sparkle,
Jade xx

Jones and Jones Mia White Broderie dress:

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Bijou Love...

How pretty is this outfit? I love this white textured two piece from Bijou Love. Two pieces are so in this year and they are a must have in your wardrobe. I love the colour and the simplicity of this outfit, it’s on point and so stylish and lady like. This two piece would be the perfect outfit for day time with cute midi heels or nice dolly shoes like I have on here, a night out or for any special events such as races or a wedding. A piece like this is so easy to style, I just styled it with a cute statement chain, casual shoes and a pretty handbag just for a day time look.
This outfit is a perfect outfit to have in your wardrobe girls because it’s an unusual piece, and also its look can be changed so easily by changing the accessories you use to style it. By accessorizing outfits differently you will get more wear out of your clothes without thinking people seen me in that before, so I can’t wear it again. (Of course you can wear it again just change it up a little!!) This piece also looks very expensive and the quality of this it is absolutely amazing.
 Bijou Love has only launched this April and they have a fabulous collection so make sure to check out their site lady’s. Also don't forget to use the code "LAUNCH2015" for 25% Off all orders for the month of April.
Drop some sparkle,
Jade xx

Bijou Love two piece: £35.00

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Pinks...

Happy Easter lady's. How pretty, pink and girly is this Jones and Jones dress?  I wore this out last weekend and I just Lovvvvveeeee it!! This is the ultimate princess dress and It’s by far my new favourite dress in my wardrobe.  I love the light pink colour of it and it’s the perfect dress for any occasion such as a wedding, a date night, for dinner or for a night out on the town. I felt confident and comfortable when I wore this dress and I’m looking forward to wearing it again already.  I love the puffy bottom on this dress it’s so girly, feminine and cute. It’s also such a comfortable dress to move around in.
 I styled this dress with a white blazer,a pair of Riverisland white heels and a cute lilac bag. This blazer is from Riverisland but its not available online anymore. Missguided have a very similar one if any of you girls are looking, and its in the blazer section. I also wore costume diamond earrings to add some sparkle. I just adore this outfit let me know what you think.
Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and don't be afraid to stuff your faces with chocolates. (your allowed to this weekend)!
Drop some sparkle.
Jade xx

Jones and jones dress: