Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pastel Fever....

Happy Tuesday guys xx
So here is a cute casual outfit that I wore over the weekend  shopping. I’m a massive fan of skirts,  I would wear them every day if I could. (Pity about this Irish weather!!).  This outfit would be perfect even styled up with tights for the cold days. I often wear tights with my outfits to keep snug, they can dress down an outfit and make it more casual.
This pleated pink skirt is from Missguided and only costs €13.00 girlies. These are available in loads of different colours and they are so comfortable, it’s also so perfect for either casual wear or dressy wear, it’s a very versatile piece. I styled this skirt with a grey crop top from Missguided also which cost €19.50. This is available in their co-ordinate section, but I decided to style it my own way, instead of using the co-ordinate skirt with it.

So….everyone knows I’m a massive lover of fluffy bags. I have so many colours but could never find a baby pink one. I was on the PrettyLittleThing website last week and came across this beautiful bag. Seriously, is this just the cutest bag that you have ever seen?...This bag  cost €27.00. It’s on sale on their site now at the minute at only €18.90. The shoes I’m wearing are from Asos and cost €27.59. These are available in a variety of different colours, and the prices of these molly shoes start at only €15.00.
I absolutely love love love frilly socks, they make an outfit cute, so cosy and comfy. These socks are from Riverisland and cost €5.00. These can also be got for cheaper in other high street stores or in bundle deals girlies. 
Hope you all enjoyed this outfit post,

keep dropping some sparkle.
Jade xx
Missguided skirt: €13.00
Missguided top: €19.50
PrettyLittleThing bag: €27.00

Asos shoes: €27.59
Riverisland socks: 5.00

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tuesday Blues....


Hi girlies,
So it’s Tuesday... only 3 days left until the weekend. Bring it on!! Does anyone else think January is dragging on a bit??
Ok, so I love this outfit I wore last weekend. It’s so pretty and girlie and I just love everything about it. This fluffy co-ordinate is from Missguided is too cute and so cosy too girls. This co-ordinate is also available in white. You can get so much wear out of a co-ordinate by mix and matching them with other clothes you already have in your wardrobe. This can give the outfit a completely different look. This coordinate cost €39.00 which was super. You can also buy this top and skirt separately, both cost €19.50 each.

I’m such a lover of pastel and cute colours and when this coat caught my eye I just had to purchase it. I had only bought a blue one the week previous very similar to it but when I seen this I just couldn’t leave it behind. This beautiful coat was €116 from Miss Selfridge. I know it may seem quite expensive but girlies, investing in a good coat like this is no harm as you will get great wear out of it. I am a massive lover of Miss Selfridge, everything in that shop is so beautiful and pretty and each time I walk through the door I have to leave with something. If you can’t see anything in Ireland be sure to have a look online because this is all the new stock from the UK and some of it can’t be got in Ireland. I styled this outfit with these adorable molly shoes from Asos. Asos have such reasonably priced shoes. Its hard to just stop at one pair! I got these beauties for €28.57. These are available in loads of different colours and some are now even on sale for €15.00 which is such a bargain. These are so comfy girlies. I love to style Molly shoes with frilly socks, they look so adorable on cold days. This is an idea for you all. This fluffy bag is from Riverisland and cost €40.00. I adore the colour of it, I can safely say i am a fluffy bag addict as I’m sure you all already know. 

Hope you all have a lovely week. Let me know what you all think. 

Dropping some Sparkle...

Jade xx
Missguided Co-ordinate: €39.00
Miss selfridge: €116.00
Asos shoes: €28.57
Riverisland bag: €40.00 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Pretty, Pink & Fabulous...

Hi girlies hope you are having a fabulous week. So happy it’s the weekend finally!!
So because the weather has been so bad the past few days in Ireland with snow, wind and rain, I thought it would be the perfect time to blog my tutu skirt, just because I didn't have  the chance to be outside much for pictures and I took these a while back.
  This is definitely one of my favourite looks I've put together. It’s so adorable and girlie and you really do feel like you’re a princess when you wear this out. I’m still laughing over the night I wore it out on the town... I got asked by a girl if I was at a fancy dress party, She didn’t mean any harm so I just laughed it off.  I wouldn't be one to mind what people think of what I wear as long as I feel happy, confident and comfortable in my outfits. As long as you’re happy in what you have on you girlies that is all that matters.
 Ok so this fabulous tutu was a gift from my lovely boyfriend for Christmas last year. I have always wanted one and was always looking for a skirt exactly like this as its the same as Carrie Bradshaw's one of Sex and the City.We came across a beautiful shop called Space46  Boutique in America that had them. This boutique is online too girlies so be sure to have a look at their store as it’s so stunning.  This skirt was €82.00 but it’s worth every penny. When would you ever see a skirt as unique and as beautiful and girlie as this? This skirt is made out of a very delicate tulle material so if you purchase you will have to mind it.  I have bought two other tulle skirts like this in the same boutique since & they're just as stunning as this one. 
I styled this skirt with this cute pink bodysuit top from Missguided. Missguided have lovely going-out tops so you will be sure to find something you like if you have a look and for a very reasonable price too. I got this top a few months ago so they may not still be in stock but similar ones are and there about €25. These shoes are from Topshop and were €88.00. They go lovely with this outfit because there so girlie, cute and pink. I posted about fluffy shoes before but they certainly are my favourite. Again you can get cheaper heels like this on misguided and Pretty little things. So you will get them within your budget.  

Hope you all enjoyed my blog post.  Have a lovely weekend girlies. 
 Jade xx 

Space 46 Boutique tutu skirt: €82.00
Missguided Pink bodycon top: €25.00
Topshop heels: €88.00

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Casual but Stylish...

Ok girlies so here it is my second outfit post. As every girl knows January is the worst time of the year for shopping because everything is on sale and it is so hard to get something in your size. There   can also be such a bad selection of clothes. Does anyone agree?  I decided for for my second blog post to go with something casual. I must say I adore this look for casual wear it’s pretty, girlie , classy and stylish.
 I was lucky enough to find all these lovely bits over the last few weeks because of January again there is not much available in the shops. This dress is quite simple been white and lace so I said id change it up a little and add some fur with this beautiful white faux fur gillet. This gillet is fabulous and a piece like this is so handy to have in your wardrobe to throw over an outfit, make it fun and dress it up. This gillet is from Topshop and was €85.00. Don’t panic if that’s not in your budget I know other high street stores have very similar ones for a lot cheaper. 
This dress is from Missguided and is €52.00 . I find Missguided brilliant, their clothes are so reasonably priced and they always have fabulous stuff. I know so many girls buy clothes and only ever wear them out once, so shopping on a cheaper site will give you a lot of options for half the price of some other high street stores. Also girlies remember you can change the way an outfit looks completely by using accessories so don’t be afraid to wear the same thing twice. Just add a statement chain or a cute handbag and you are away!
 I have honestly got so much wear out of this dress already so the price was very reasonable and the quality is super. Because I have styled this dress down with brogue shoes and a faux fur gillet doesn’t mean you can’t pop on a pair of heels and hit the town. I absolutely adore these maroon brogues. Brogues are so stylish and they will go with anything. I know some men aren’t gone on these sort of shoes on women but as I always say “girls dress to impress girls” not boys, so wear whatever makes you feel pretty and comfortable the world is your runway girlies. Never mind what the men say.  Similar brogues are available in a lot of high street stores but I was lucky enough to get them on sale in Newlook for only €12 last week.... I know what a bargain. 
I wasn’t fully convinced about fedora hats a while back because you could mainly only get them in black and darker colours, but when I seen this dusty pink one in Riverisland I fell in love. This hat is very cute and it only cost €33.A hat like this is great to have in your wardrobe and can be super to wear for any season.
 I hope you all enjoyed my second outfit post. 

Please let me know what you all think. 
 Jade xx

Missguided white lace dress: €52.00
Topshop faux fur gillet:  €85.00   
Riverisland fedora hat: €33.00
Newlook brogues:   €12.00

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pretty, Pink, Pastels and Sparkle

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend  this is my first outfit blog post so I hope all you girlies like it. I love this outfit that I put together and it works for both a casual or a dressy look. I adore this white skirt from missguided it will go with anything and I already know ill get good wear out of it.

This skirt was a bargain it was €19.50. A block colour skirt is always essential in the wardrobe and will go with almost anything. I must say this look is completely me it’s sparkly, pink and girlie.  This top is also from missguided and is perfect with this skirt because the arms are covered so I’m not showing off much skin just the right amount  . The top was  €19.50 so the price was quite good. It can also come with a coordinate skirt which is fabulous too but I only got the top I said id match it differently.  To sparkle this outfit up I used a river island statement chain. This chain is to die for its all different pastel colours and goes with almost anything. This chain was €45.00 so it was quite pricey but you will definitely get loads of wear out of it so its value for money!
Statement chains are so great for dressing up outfits, something so plain can turn into something fabulous when you use the right accessories.  The shoes I’m wearing are from Topshop. These shoes are so fluffy and girlie. Fluffy heels are all in now. These cost  €88.00 so were expensive but there are similar ones on other sites for  a lot cheaper so don’t panic.  This beautiful pastel pink coat tones the outfit down nicely, I got this in missguided and it cost   €71.49. I have got so much wear out of this coat so it it was a bargain in my eyes. This coat is on sale on missguided also at the moment so it’s cheaper again if anyone is looking. I accessorized this outfit with a fluffy lilac bag from miss selfridge, I absolutely love this bag of fluff it’s too cute.  Bags like this make any outfit pretty and girlie. This bag was €75.00 but again you will get use out of it either for day time or night time wear. There are also cheaper fluffy bags in other high street stores so if that was to expensive you will be able to get one in your budget.<3 

Hope you all like the outfit . let me know what you all think
 <3 jade xx

Missguided White skirt with lace trim: €19.50
Missguided pink Crop Top: €19.50  
Riverisland chain:€45.00
Topshop Heels:€88.00
Missguided pink  Coat: € 71.49

Miss selfridge Fluffy bag :  €75.00

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Drop Some Sparkle.... Lets get Going!

Hi everyone...
thanks for visiting my blog. 

My name is Jade and I’m 22 years old, I’m a massive girlie girl which you will realise when you see my blog. I live In Mayo which is in Ireland.  I’ve always had a passion for fashion and decided to finally make a blog. 
Over the past few months I have being posting pictures of outfits that I wear on Instragram and it has become something that I adore doing. Because of the positive feedback I have being getting from people this gave me a push and the courage to start my blog after wanting to put one together for a long time. I always wanted to do it but was never confident enough to but after realising you only live once why not enjoy what you’re doing. life is too short not to! 
There is nothing I love more than putting outfits together, going shopping and feeling like a princess in all my pretty outfits, and I know every other girl feels the same way  xx. Anyone that knows me knows I have an obsession with the colour pink, anything girlie, pretty or vintage. 

Anyway I don’t want to bore you all, 
Hope you all enjoy my blog
Feel free to drop me an email on Dropsomesparkle@gmail.com or follow me on instagram dropsomesparkle
jade xx